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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Officially lost my previous blog

It's official now

I lost my nur-akmar.blogspot.com that I have been using since 2009.
I must blame Google 2-step verification thingy.

I DID NOT forget my username or password.
I simply signed in from my new house (which obviously used a diff IP address), and Google detected me as suspicious, and kept wanting to send the verification code to my phone number (which I do not use anymore).
And the questions they asked me to retrieve the password were absurd!
They did not ask the common security questions like "What is your pet name?" or "What is your mother's maiden name?"

Instead, the questions were like "When did you last able to sign into your account?"
and "What other Google services do you use with this account and when did you start using them?"

Duh, like I can remember.

So yea, my last resort was to bring my laptop to mum's house (that means using my usual device and usual IP address).
And nooooo Google still detected me as suspicious.
Burn you Google.

So I need to start all over again, in this blog.
Now I need to just tweak this blog theme a little more.

-Because life is a test-


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